The rental conditions as outlined below constitute an integral part of the contract between you and Grupo Elimari España SLU. Thank you to read them carefully before making any booking.

Previous information
You can make your booking directly online on our website

About the 4 villas of Residencial Aromalia, you can make the booking on

Each property has its corresponding price. Those are listed per day. You can view the same availabilities that our booking department. Once the booking through our website is done, you will immediately receive a confirmation by e-mail.
The calendar shows green (available), yellow (outstanding option) or red zones (booked). 
During the high season, rentals are weekly from Saturday to Saturday. In low season it is possible to make a booking with arrival or departure another day of the week, but always for 7 days minimum.

For Residencial Aromalia, in low season, it's possible to book minimum 3 nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Please send us your request by e-mail :


Booking and payment 

If you want to make a booking, indicate arrival date, departure date ant total amount of persons (children included)  and click on "Search". The price of your stay will appear on your right (excluding charges). If you click on "Book" you will see the details of the price. At this moment, you have to indicate number of children (less than 17 years old). Click on "Continue" and you will have access to the booking form. All the fields are required. Click on "Continue" and you will see the amount to pay to confirm your booking.

If the beginning of the stay is more than 28 days before, we will ask you a first payment of 35 % (including charges) within 24 hours. If the beginning of the stay is less than 28 days before, we will ask you to pay the total amount of the stay, as well as a security deposit of 200 € (apartments), 400 € or 500 € (villas and attached houses) within 24 hours.
For each booking there's an administrative fee of 15 € (specified in the booking form).

You also have to put a check mark in the field where it is indicated that you have "Read, understood and accepted the booking conditions", and then click on "Send" and "Pay" to make the payment. Click on the icon with the 4 colored credit cards. Then you can indicate your credit card data.
All the payments must be made by credit card via a secure payment platform. Our system will confirm your payment with a document you can print.
You will also receive from Grupo Elimari España SLU, an email with the payment confirmation.

At least, 28 days before your arrival, you will have to pay the balance of the rent (65%), as well as a security deposit of 200 € (apartment), 400 € or 500 € (villa or attached house). For that, we will send you by e-mail, a payment reminder. This last payment will be done also by credit card via our website or


We remind you that in the case of a booking less than 28 days before the beginning of your stay, the total amount of the rent (charges and security deposit included) must be paid immediately.
Once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation from the system, as well as another one from  Grupo Elimari España SLU. An entrance voucher will be also transmitted. It will allow you to take the keys of the accommodation to our real estate agency in Sant Carles de la Rapita between 16h00 to 20h00 :

Grupo Elimari España

Avinguda Constitució, nº 27

43540 Sant Carles de la Rapita (Tarragona - Spain) 


Tourist tax

From November 1rst, 2012, the Catalan Government introduced a tourist tax from 0,50 € to 2,50 €. In our case, and for all our accommodations, the tax is 0,90 € per day (but maximum 7 days) and per person from 17 years old.

So the tax is 6,30 € per person from 17 years old, for any stay.

In another hand, and before your arrival, we will ask you to send us the following details of all the persons who will occupy the accommodation

(children included) :

- name, first name

- date of birth

- identity card or passport number


Cancellation by the customer

In case of cancellation  of a confirmed booking, the charges are as follows : 

Number of days before the beginning of the stay                Amount due to Grupo Elimari España SL (fees)

60 - 45 days                                                                         30 % of the total amount of the rent

44 - 29 days                                                                         50 % of the total amount of the rent

28 - 15 days                                                                         80 % dof the total amount of the rent

14 - 1 days                                                                          100 % dof the total amount of the rent

If you can't take possession on time, of your accommodation for traffic difficulties, strikes, etc., or for personal reasons, the full price of your stay is due. It will be the same for shortened stays.  

Case COVID-19

60 - 30 days                                                                          free cancellation

29 - 15 days                                                                          75 % of the total amount of the rent

14 - 1 days                                                                            100 % of the total amount of the rent



Cancellation by Grupo Elimari España

In case of exceptional circumstances, case of force majeure or in case of exceptional unavoidabe situtation that make impossible the access or the disposal of the accommodation or non-compliant  of the description, Grupo Elimari España SLU will be able to cancel the contract before the beginning of the stay and propose you a rental subtitution  for the similar amount. In case that no subtitution is found, Grupo Elimari España SLU will inform you. You will then, or receive the refund of th paid amount, without any fee, or a voucher for the equivalent amount, to use within one year.

In case of non-payment of the balance of the rent, within the time limit allowed, that is 28 days before your arrival; Grupo Elimari España SLU will cancel the booking, without any refund of the paid amounts.


Guarantee cancellation

The cancellation guarantee stops having effect from the beginning of your stay and will not be applied if one of the events enumerated below occurred during your stay:


Prices, time of arrival and departure

The prices for accommodations are indicated per day. A fixed rate is also required for charges (water and electricity) and final cleaning. The minimum of the stay is 7 (seven) nights, the arrival and departure is on Saturday.
The arrival and departure hours are the following ones:

Arrival time : Saturday from 16.00 pm

 Departure time : Saturday no later than 10:00 am

If you arrive Saturday between 20:00 pm and 24:00 pm , an additional fee of 95 € will be charged. If for any reason, you arrive on Sunday, between 10:00 am and 14:00 pm, an additional fee of 150 € will be charged.

Rate modification and services

The description of the accommodations and the prices are based on fixed prices accorded with the owners. However, changes may occur after the conclusion of the contract. Although these changes may not occure, they cannot be excluded. If it is about a change mattering on an essential point of your contract (for example: unavailability of the accommodation because of urgent works or presence of a construction site near the housing), you can cancel for free within five days after receiving the information. You will then receive the refund of the already paid amounts. Grupo Elimari España SLU makes a commitment to inform you less than 48 hours about the unavailability of the accommodation or about the presence of a construction site (unless 50 meters) near the accommodation. 


Inventory and security deposit
The security deposit of 200 € (apartment), 400 € or 500 € (villa or attached house), paid at the same time as the balance of the rent, will be refunded no later than the Wednesday following your departure, if no damage has been found in the accommodation or its surroundings.

When you will arrive at you accommodation, you will find a document inventory, completed by the maintenance personnal. Please check if this document reflects the state of the housing. If there is a difference with the reality, you will have different options to inform us : 

- by e-mail :

- coming to the real estate agency with the document

After 48 hours, all complaints will not be accepted.

For another part, the tenants are required to have an insurance covering their holiday stay. In case of damages, the tenant will have to inform immediately the owner or his representative. The tenant will be the responsible for the damages occured during his stay. The amount of damage will be deducted from the security deposit without prejudice to any recourse if the deposit is less than the amount of the damages.

We inform you that our company or the homeowner is not responsible in case of theft,  accident or incident in the accommodation, caused by the person responsible of the rental or a person accompanying him. We remind you that swimming pools present a risk for the  children. We kindly ask you not to leave them without adult supervision when they are in the swimming  pool or next to it  


Obligation of the tenant

The tenant engages himself to respect the number of allowed persons (including children) per housing. In case of surplus of occupants, Grupo Elimari España SLU will be forced to cancel the booking with immediate effect or require economic compensation for the extra persons.

The tenant agrees to occupy the accommodation respecting the rules of good neighbourhoods and cleaning.

He will engage himself to take over before his departure all the garbage, to clean dishes and utensils.

In case to lose or damage the keys, remote control of the parking, DVD player, television or air conditionner, the tenant must pay the amount of 80 € in compensation.

In case to lose or damage sheets or towels, we  will charge the price of new ones.


Grupo Elimari España SLU will not assume any responsibility in the following cases:  

1 · Negligence or omission of the services offered by third and attributable to them (transports, restaurants, areas of sports). 

2 · Thefts, damages and destructions provoqued by third parties. 

3 · Fire, explosion, flood or electricity or water provision. 

4 ·The swimming pools, playgrounds for the children and the sports areas will be used under the strict surveillance and the responsibility of the user. 

5 ·Construction sites near the accommodation.


So thus, the responsibility of Grupo Elimari España SLU limits itself to its function of intermediary.